Service is one of our core principles. We hold a major fundraising philanthropy event once per semester, and many smaller events throughout the year in order to raise money for various local and national charities, as well as bring awareness to different social issues. Leadership, organization, and responsibility are the three crucial skills developed by participating in the planning and organizing of events, and ensuring a chapter wide participation in the variety of philanthropy events hosted by the greek organizations on campus. The philanthropy committee is one of the main focuses of our chapter and we strive to always be improving ourselves and our service.



The Rush committee is responsible for bringing in members that will create the future of the Kappa Sigma Epsilon Epsilon Chapter. To assure a successful rush, the committee is responsible for setting recruitment goals and establishing strategies to accomplish them. The committee will educate the chapter members on effective recruitment techniques and motivate all members to apply them.


The committee organizes rush events to establish connections with Potential members and will make the ultimate decision on who gets invited to join the Fraternity. The committee will assure that the potential member shares the values of the fraternity but also that the fraternity will help this individual to strive.



The Scholarship committee seeks to create and maintain an environment conducive to scholastic achievement among members and pledges, as academic success is a priority we hold with utmost importance. The committee assures that each active member’s grades are meeting the international fraternal standard of the Kappa Sigma fraternity by overseeing each members’ grades, as well as provide information, assistance and any educational resources available.


Brotherhood Wellness

The Brotherhood Wellness committee at Kappa Sigma has the purpose of keeping an eye out for brothers who may be going through a difficult time.  Mental health is often overlooked and by being aware of it we can make sure brothers have the resources they need. Our committee's goal is to ensure no brother is left behind or forgotten, and to be a resource for those who may not have anywhere else to turn.



The purpose of Kappa Sigma’s social committee is to plan, organize and execute a variety of engaging and memorable social events that highlight our chapter and cater to the diverse UBC community. 


These events can range from weekly exchanges with sororities to larger scale festivities such as our annual Bora Bora themed party, an annual tradition for more than 30 years. 


As a part of the social team, you will be given the opportunity to test your originality, foster strong networks and relationships, build production and promotion plans from scratch but most importantly be a part of the creative process that is the truly the face of this fraternity.  


In the last few years, Kappa Sigma has made a name for itself on campus for throwing events that push the limits beyond what’s expected. From getting huge local talent to perform such as Boslen, to emptying out over a ton of sand onto our patio for the perfect beach party, the first house on the left will always go that extra mile.


Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee at Epsilon Epsilon is all about engaging with UBC students, UBC greek members, and Epsilon Epsilon Alumni. The committee runs all social media accounts for Epsilon Epsilon and generates content for them by providing recent news of specific Fraternity wide or individual brother’s successes. The account also works in conjunction with Social and Philanthropy to promote upcoming events and recount successful projects. Through these ventures, the PR Committee provides an accurate image of the Epsilon Epsilon chapter in current state so that not only current members can revel in the chapter’s recent achievements, but so that interested students can learn more about what it is like to be a member and alumni can see that the standard held to every Kappa Sigma is upheld.



The Sponsorship Chair is responsible for obtaining corporate and individual sponsors for the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. These sponsorships will raise funds for the fraternity and fraternity events. The Sponsorship Chair, at a minimum, must be outgoing, resilient, able to maintain relationships, create accurate spreadsheets of sponsors/ commitments, and have excellent time management. Within this position, one can expect to develop their writing, communication, and problem solving skills. This position is a vital aspect in maintaining the fraternity's social success and should be taken as such.

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